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DSA recs: 5 ‘food for thought’ podcasts for entrepreneurs

Reading about entrepreneurship in thick novels might be nice, but sometimes you just want to listen to someone talk and have the feeling you are actually attending a real life lecture about how to take your business to the next level. The closest thing which could imitate this experience are podcasts. Besides the fact that podcasts are easily accessible, they also allow you to learn insights in a short time. As we all know that time is costly, finding ways to educate yourself while managing your time is crucial for entrepreneurs. Here are 5 podcasts DSA recommends which will surely fulfill your business knowledge cravings!

DSA rec #1 - Rework: A Podcast by Basecamp

Rework is a podcast by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson, co-founders of the online project management and team collaboration application Basecamp. With the podcast being named after the novel they also co-wrote, Fried and Hansson discuss startup stories and business wisdom based on their own experience. It is the fact that the latter are considered ‘unconventional’ business insights, which makes the podcast unique and teaches us that it is possible to ‘build half a product’, ‘grow slowly’ and still become successful. 

DSA rec #2 - Side Hustle School 

The New York Times bestselling author of The $100 Startup and other books, Chris Guillebeau, aims to convince people that a side hustle could be the starting point for success, even for those who want to keep their daily job. With daily episodes being released, Side Hustle School guides listeners on how to start ‘playing entrepreneurially’ and encourages the audience to make more use of their creative powers. 

DSA rec #3 - Stanford Entrepreneurial Thought Leader Series

The Stanford eCorner team believes in “the powerful combination of evidence and imagination.” In short, The Stanford Entrepreneurial Thought Leader Series places you in the shoes of informed leaders and their entrepreneurial journey. With weekly lectures of founders, investors, technologists, social entrepreneurs and more, this podcast is a great combination of knowledge regarding academia and innovation. 

DSA rec #4 - Millionaire Mindcast

The best way to sum this podcast is through the three M’s: mindset, money and motivation. Millionaire Mindcast is an excellent podcast for those who go beyond the average entrepreneurial mindset: the wannabe millionaires. Additionally, the episodes shed light on the relationship between mindset and wealth and how one can pursue their financial goals with ease. Matt Aitchison, the host of the podcast, interviews a successful millionaire or leader every Monday on their wealth, assets and anything else which financial means cannot offer. 

DSA rec #5 - The Innovation Show

The Innovation Show does not merely discuss innovation and disruption, but goes beyond these concepts. Aimed at inspiring creative entrepreneurs, the podcast demonstrates how we as humans have a need for learning and adapting and how we should deal with our ever changing world. Every week, Aiden McCullen interviews leaders, professors, inventors and innovators on these topics, with the purpose of showing that we should embrace the changing spirit of the world we live in.

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