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DSA recs: 4 inspiring documentaries for entrepreneurs

Whether you are in quarantaine or working from home, there is plenty of time to sit back, relax and perhaps, watch a good documentary. Streaming platforms such as Netflix, Youtube Movies or Amazon Prime offer an abundance of good, factual films. And even while taking your mind off work, you can still gain a lot of knowledge through entertainment. DSA shares 4 must-watch documentaries in the category of entrepreneurship. 

#1: She Did That (2019)

The uplifting documentary She Did That (Netflix) explores the entrepreneurial journey of four black women, as well as discussing the setbacks they face throughout their time working in business. Addressing the topics of gender wage gap, implicit bias and the overt display of racism they have faced, the film also highlights women empowerment, self-care and their path of continuously raising the glass ceiling for future business women. 

#2: The Startup Kids (2012)

Featuring interviews with young entrepreneurs from the U.S and Europe, The Startup Kids (Amazon Prime) visualises the contemporary phenomenon of technology startups. The movie shows founders from Vimeo, SoundCloud, Dropbox and other companies, in which they all sit down and reflect on how establishing their businesses have changed their lives as entrepreneurs.  

#3: Codegirl (2015)

This thrilling, heartfelt documentary follows a group of high-school girls who strive to better their communities through collaboration and technology. Codegirl (Amazon Prime) screams worldwide women empowerment with its diverse teams competing in an app designing challenge, all learning something individually along the way. 

#4: Generation Startup (2016)

With its setting being the U.S, Generation Startup (Netflix) depicts the stories of six college graduates who aspire to make it into the business world of Detroit. The film captures the successes and the setbacks of the young entrepreneurs over 17 months, recognizing risk-taking and urbanization in the modern age.

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