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DSA & NLdigital call Parliament to action regarding Digital Markets Act

Dutch Startup Association and NLdigital are worried by the lack of urgency within Parliament regarding the importance and impact of the Digital Markets Act. Both DSA and NLdigital attended the roundtable session with the ministry of Economic Affairs regarding the Digital Markets Act last month, where they discussed the consequences of the Digital Markets Act on the ecosystem, including startups, scaleups, and VC investors. 

Currently our Parliament is in recess until the beginning of September. However, the EU  is expected to discuss the Digital Markets Act during the Competitive Council in September. This leaves only two weeks for the Dutch Parliament to be informed on the topic and to discuss the Dutch position, a very short period to make these important decisions. For this reason, DSA and NLdigital sent a letter to the commission of Digital Affairs, emphasizing the need for urgency and the importance of the topic. In this letter, we call the commision to action and urge them to arrange a roundtable session right after summer recess with relevant parties. This will help to create a deliberate and clear position on the topic for the EU Competitive Council. In addition, we introduce some case studies, emphasising the impact of the DMA on European businesses (in particular start/scaleups) and innovation.

While Dutch Startup Association welcomes the Digital Markets Act and limiting the power of so called gatekeeper platforms, we are worried about the proposal in its current form. The Digital Market Act has the potential to open more doors to innovation by establishing clear and updated rules for competition within European digital markets. However, these new rules should not dissuade startups from starting or scaling up in the EU in the first place. 

To get to know more about our concerns regarding the Digital Markets Act, read the blog from Rogier Klimbie here.

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