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February 2021: The ‘New Normal’ Turns 1 year old

February 2021 is almost over - it’s the anniversary of the last ‘normal’, pre-covid month in investments and the beginning of the ‘New Normal’ for all of us. 

It’s been almost a year since the COVID-19 crisis began. Thus, it is important to see how the ecosystem has changed, in comparison to last year. Together with our partner, DealRoom, we were able to assemble an insightful update for February 2021.  


Investments during February 2021

February 2021 witnessed 259 million euros being invested in start-ups and scale-ups in The Netherlands. Although the ecosystem has been a decrease of 2% in comparison to last month, January 2021, we were able to witness an increase of 57% overall to last year’s performance. 


Deals and VC Rounds 

34 deals took place in February 2021, doubling last month’s performance, and 10 late VC rounds took place - leading to more than 180 million euros invested in Dutch start-ups and scale-ups this month. 


New Opportunities 

32 new jobs were posted and 1 new start-up was launched this month - increasing the overall job-hunting and innovation opportunities within The Netherlands. Moreover, this month more than 22 million euros were raised by female entrepreneurs - an increase of 300% compared to last month’s diversity performance indicators. 


The highlight of the month: Felyx 

Our member, Felyx, a start-up that provides for shared electric scooters, was able to acquire 24 million euros this month to expand their business outside the Belenux market. Felyx is now targeting the markets in France and Germany. We are excited to see how Felyx dominates the European market very soon!


Would you like to know more about February 2021?

If you would like to know more about February 2021’s insights, please read our full entrepreneurship report that we prepared using data from DealRoom.

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