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DSA recs: 5 ‘back to business’ must-reads of Fall 2020

The end of the summer is nearing, meaning that everyone will get back to business (quite literally). Although the holidays meant more free time to read books, working on one’s personal growth is not a seasonal occasion. In short, it is always time to invest in one’s knowledge and utilise information shared by others compiled in paperbacks. Dutch Startup Association has put together a list of five Dutch and English books, released in 2020, which we recommend for (beginning) entrepreneurs to read this fall.  

DSA rec #1 - Ondernemen in crisistijd by Femke Hogema (NL)

It is of importance that we continue to share our knowledge with other entrepreneurs and take notes of how we can learn from one another. Especially in the times of crises like the corona pandemic, it has posed the issue of how to cope with the downfalling economy. Within three weeks, Hogema wrote Ondernemen in crisistijd (Doing business in times of crises) in which she worked out the strategies of entrepreneurs who successfully endured the COVID-19 crisis. With a specific focus on business mindset and cash flow, this novel aims to encourage companies to remain positive and take matters into your own hands in order to survive this crisis and future ones. 


DSA rec #2 - The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Risk and Decisions: Building Successful Early-Stage Ventures by Thomas G. Pitzz and Eric W. Liguori (EN) 

For starting entrepreneurs, it is crucial to be aware of the fact that one always goes into business with accepting risks. Though, how does make these decisions correctly and timely? Experts Pitzz and Liguori share their experiences with(in) early-stage startups on how to manage these risks related to marketing, finance, networking and launching your business. The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Risk and Decisions: Building Successful Early-Stage Ventures is a guide for those striving to make strategic risk-related decisions with the ultimate goal of solid becoming successful. 

DSA rec #3 - The Innovation Stack by Jim McKelvey (EN)

The Innovation Stack is more than just a trip down the memory lane of mobile credit card payments startup Square. Its co-founder, Jim McKelvey, dives into the world of entrepreneurship and what is needed to build a world-changing company. But the novel goes way beyond the necessary ingredients of a startup; because how does one tackle bigger competitors? Right when Square was launched, Amazon took off with a similar service. Though, in Square’s luck, they managed to beat one of the biggest companies on the globe. But how? The answer to this question is the strategy which McKelvey calls the ‘Innovation Stack’. The Innovation Stack is an interesting business narrative which all entrepreneurs can learn from when it comes to identifying and solving problems, one innovation at a time. 

DSA rec #4 - Startups In Action by JP Silva (EN)

Not just in times of crises, but any point in time requires an entrepreneur to cope with the volatile conditions of the business environment. Adding to that, this means that one ought to be willing to adapt to said conditions. Startups in Action curated a source of information from successful companies like Etsy, HotelTonight, Fiverr and more on how to overcome such challenges in their first years of doing business. By interviewing the founders of the aforementioned companies, author JP Silva has bundled all answers to the questions which lead these companies to their path of success. 

DSA rec #5 -  Social Entrepreneurship in India by Madhukar Shukla (EN)

While a majority of entrepreneurship novels are written from a Western perspective, it is important to acknowledge that non-western viewpoints are something that we as westerners can learn from as well. Social Entrepreneurship in India touches upon India as a hub for social entrepreneurship, particular (successful) approaches of Indian entrepreneurs and the challenges Indian companies face in servicing the poorer segments of the country. In addition, the book discusses scaling the social impact of these companies and how to approach this, which can be applied not just in India, but anywhere else in the world. 

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In times of crises, it is even more crucial that we share our stories and learn from each other. #DSA has compiled a list of must-reads for (starting) entrepreneurs in Fall 2020. Read the article here: (link)

For this fall, DSA has bundled a collection of 2020 entrepreneurship novels which are not only interesting for beginning startups, but also those who have been in business for a longer time. Ranging from how to cope in times of crisis to Indian entrepreneurship, there is a book for everyone who wants to learn more from other startups. Read the article here: (link)

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