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VC Memberships

Until now, DSA has focussed on connecting and representing startups and scaleups. But the ecosystem of which they are part of is obviously much bigger. It consists of a number of important stakeholders like investors, incubators, facilitators, educational institutions, regional hubs, governmental organizations and corporations.

VC’s, we need your support

For maximum impact we need to voice your collective knowledge and experience. In order to do so DSA wants to team up with more key stakeholder groups. This way, we can scale up, intensify our efforts and represent our common interests even more effectively and from a more diversified perspective.

We would like to start by inviting VC’s to join our community. You guys are such an important driver of the startup ecosystem that having you on board will be an important step forward. As a non profit association, we need as much support as we can get to be successful in our important mission: creating the best Startup ecosystem in Europe. Together we can make this happen.  

Supporting our mission is very easy: simply tell us a bit more about yourself via the form below and we will contact you!