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Pilot Startup Visa for essential startup personnel

As of June 1st, 2021 a four-year pilot started, making it easier for innovative start-ups to hire essential foreign personnel with special expertise.

This new regulation decreases the salary requirement to attract foreign personnel but demands that the employee is granted, at least, 1% of the company shares. 


Starting and growing an innovative company is often a complex, risky and costly process. For start-ups, as growing businesses, it is essential to hire personnel with the right - and often technical - knowledge. Worldwide, this kind of personnel is in high demand, but scarce in supply. To attract top talented professionals and employees, start-ups usually offer lower starting salaries with a combination of the company’s own shares. Through these means, personnel is able to share the success of start-ups and companies alike. The new Dutch visa regulation allows start-ups to attract the essential employees necessary for their growth. 

The Dutch Startup Association has been pushing this measure for years. Now, we are proud to announce that the Netherlands is the first European country to lower residence status’ salary requirements specifically for start-up employees. 

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