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Formation process and lobby efforts

Dutch Startup Association is still very actively monitoring - and intervening if necessary - the formation process. We are doing our best to make sure the new government understands the importance of a thriving start- and scale-up ecosystem. In addition to this, we are preparing future working visits to show digital spokespersons the day-to-day business of start- and scaleups and the obstacles that they experience on their way to success. 

Over the past few weeks, our head of Public Affairs, Rogier Klimbie, discussed the importance of start- and scale-ups for the Dutch economy with MP’s and digital spokespersons from various parties. The topics included challenges such as the lack of tech talent in the Netherlands, encouraging investment in start- and scale-ups and expanding share options to employees. Last month, Dutch Startup Association and Techleap also sent an open letter to informateur Mariëtte Hamer as a call to the next cabinet to establish start-ups and scale-ups as the undeniable driving force behind the recovery of the Dutch economy. 

Overall, we are hitting our mark on our core business - lobby for startups in the Netherlands. We are talking, along with our allies, to leading figures in the negotiations for the new government. On exactly the points startups need to succeed: better fiscal climate (share options and more attractive seed investing), more tech talent in the Netherlands and from abroad, and more opportunities for diverse entrepreneurs. We are doing our best to make sure the Dutch startup ecosystem is as successful and innovative as it could and should be.

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