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Dutch Startup Association joins Frontrunners Alliance

DSA has recently joined Frontrunners Alliance, a new voluntary coalition whose goal is to strengthen the framework and conditions for European entrepreneurs in dialogue with D9+ Governments. Frontrunners Alliance’s members are startup organizations from the so-called frontrunner (or D9+) countries.

The world has never seen so many opportunities unfold. New technology can empower us on so many different levels, from combating climate change to compensating people with disabilities. But with all new things, we need to learn and adapt our rulebook. We are looking to the digital frontrunner countries that have shown they can take us to the right path of the crossroad. As startups, we acknowledge the impact of these countries in relation to startups, and as the national representative organizations in these countries, we are coming together with a shared voice. 

Frontrunners Alliance’s focus is to create a platform for joint advocacy towards the D9+ and the EU. We bring together a shared voice from startup organizations across the frontrunner countries. The network will meet virtually 2-4 times a year for an exchange of views, experiences, and new initiatives aimed at improving the conditions for startups in Europe. Our call is to reinvent Europe and make it the leading startup continent. Especially post Covid-19, the importance of innovation has only become more evident, and startups and businesses are inevitably part of Europe’s green economic recovery. 

To read more about Frontrunners Alliance, visit our website. You can find our manifesto and guiding principles here

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