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DSA kicks off working visits with new MP’s

Yesterday we welcomed a new Member of Parliament Pim van Strien (VVD) to The Next Web Amsterdam for our first working visit this year. Together with TNW we provided a tour and roundtable discussion regarding some of the challenges facing start- and scaleups in the Netherlands. Participants included Quinten Selhorst (Felyx), Michael Musandu (Lalaland), Tamar van de Paal (Origin), and Dimitar Kralev (The Fabricant). Together with Pim van Strien, spokesperson for Economic Affairs and Innovation, and spokespersons from DSA & TNW, we had a fruitful discussion on the development of our ecosystem, challenges facing start- and scaleups, and possible measures that can help them grow and live up to their full potential. 

Although many steps have been taken towards a better startup climate in the Netherlands, the climate here is still far from ideal. Far too few companies grow from startups to successful, internationally active scaleups. Other European countries are making great strides and, if we are not careful, we will soon fall behind. Issues raised during the roundtable discussion included encouraging investments in start- and scaleups, making it more attractive for employees to acquire shares in start- and scaleups, and raising & attracting tech talent in the Netherlands. The objective behind these measures is to set in motion a flywheel that creates jobs and solutions to societal challenges. A mechanism that leads to a self-perpetuating ecosystem, with entrepreneurs starting new businesses that can attract enough funds to grow quickly internationally and be in a position to hire enough talented employees. Employees who can share in the profits and, in turn, start new businesses. This will lead to a sustainable and future-proof ecosystem that can, once again, create tens of thousands of jobs in the coming years - directly within startups and indirectly with, for example, suppliers and facility services.


DSA is doing its best to make sure the new government understands the importance of a thriving start- and scale-up ecosystem. That’s why we’re planning more working visits in the coming months. To learn more about our points of view, read the formation letter we sent to informateur Mariëtte Hamer. 

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